Are You a Chiropractic Chameleon?

Posted by Dr Sarah Farrant

I was sharing with you I had watched a film called A Knights Tale. And if you haven’t watched it please go check it out from your local DVD shop or online DVD distributor. It is a fabulous movie and we can draw many parallels of William Thatcher’s journey from commoner to nobility with what is currently happening in chiropractic and the movement taking place. It is wonderful to be apart of.


What follows are insights from the movie and how they translate to you, your business, your practice members and the profession.

  1. William Thatcher had a vision, he was clear he wanted to be a knight. He believed that he would be. How clear are you on your vision?

  2. William Thatcher chose to do something different; to go against convention. It would appear that chiropractic is consistently doing this; going against what the majority say health is. Looking perhaps for acceptance from other professions and at times becoming the chamellion to fit in to a different model. William Thatcher didn’t care he stood true to himself.

  3. William Thatcher stood on his dime and didn’t waiver. His belief was so strong, at no time did he wish to give up even when people were telling him he should. He stood tall and believed he would become a knight. He fought for his spot when others told him it couldn’t be done.

  4. William Thatcher broke people’s illusions about becoming a knight. People saw only one way to get there. Just like chiropractic there are situations ripe for the taking in teaching people about health and where it comes from. William was masterful in identifying and grabbing the opportunity presented to him. Are you grabbing every opportunity to tell people about chiropractic and the truth about health?

  5. William Thatcher spoke a specific languageit’s call a lance…hello! William and the rest of his tribe spoke a very specific language, the language of knight’s. Afterall if he was going to be a knight then he would have to take on all aspects of being a knight. It is the same in chiropractic. If we are choosing to be chiropractors then speaking our own unique language is imperative to the congruency of the message. Are you attuning to the chiropractic language or are you using words that cross three professions – medical, alternative and chiropractic – mixing the message and confusing the people?

  6. William Thatcher was born to break the rules. So too is chiropractic, birthed to break the illusions and ruffle some feathers!

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