How One Company is Using REAL people to market, with HUGE success!

Posted by Dr Sarah Farrant

The New York Times, a paper I usually have access to when I travel, said Zappos (a company which I LOVE by the way!) has been discovering the power of “real people” pitching shoes they like in online videos.

Here’s the news as it was written..

Zappos, owned by, churned out 58,000 (yes you heard it right, 58,000) short videos in 2010 – most NOT featuring pro models, celebrities, made up people, instead it featured THEIR OWN employees, showing off the shoes, bags and clothing they like. Today 11 employees produce about 400 of these videos a day, in 5 mini studios inside the company’s warehouse. The typical employee going on camera is not made up TV ready by a make-up artist or wardrobe; she/he just jumps in from their work desk to the studio and presents.

Brilliant isn’t it!

While the use of video does boost sales for many items and real people videos outperform videos with professional models (except for very high end luxury items), the biggest benefit for Zappos is that there has been a reduction, sharp reduction, in the amount of merchandise refunds or exchanges.

Here is the lesson…

There are more ways to make money than just bumping up the price for your service or having other products to sell in your practice!

My suggestion…

Go purchase a flip camera (I travel with mine all the time) from the local gadget store, set up a little studio area – have fun with it – put some pictures as a back drop and let the people who use your services AND your employees record away. Point here…make them short – these are not 10 minute pieces. In fact 4 minute max they say is perfect!

You can always use the flip camera to do impromptu recordings as well. It doesn’t always have to be in the “studio”. These videos can then be sent via email to your practice members, they can be placed in your online newsletter all driving traffic to an area where they will see more!

As an example…

When I spoke at Sherman’s Lyceum this year, a chiropractor, Dr Chris, shared with me an innovative way to connect with new practice members. He said record a short video of yourself welcoming the new practice member to your practice, the team, and chiropractic and send it to them via email that day. This would replace the phone call. It is certainly a good marketing piece to test. But nothing is better than a multi-pronged approach to marketing so there will be times when you’ll want to have both, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water as they say!

If you would like assistance with innovative ideas for your marketing or assistance with tweaking a current one then please email Lotika, Client Concierge for Vital Practice Essentials on and we will send you the details on how to get your appointment scheduled.

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